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Success is in the unity of the yin & yang, the creative & the strategic.

My mission is to empower and motivate you to rise. 

Creating sustainable business solutions by Taking a holistic approach to business, bridging the gap between the masculine and feminine mindset, of strategy and creativity. USING CHAKRA energy alignment to create authentic, successful enterprises.

I started my journey in the creative industry as a designer, then I realised I wanted to build my my own business but didn't know where to start. So I completed a Masters (MA) in Entrepreneurship, to bridge the gap between business and creativity. Now I am able to hold space and guide others to build a successful business that aligns with their purpose.

Transforming entrepreneurs passion and gifts into business so they can continue to be of service to the world.

Danielle X

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Danielle is a Business and Branding Visionary, Qualified Teacher, Lecturer, Yoga Teacher and Mentor. She sees your potential and ability, which she then transforms into a authentic business. Unlike, conventional business mentors, Danielle takes a soulful, holistic approach to business. Making sure that, what you do aligns with who you are.


She has an Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (from London University), Lecturer (at Colleges and Universities), Mentor and qualified Yoga Teacher. She first started her journey in the creative industry, later making the transition to work in the businesses sector. Which led to working with start-up businesses and help them develop and expand. She has now helped manage and had several businesses, founding yoga brand Active Therapy Clothing and a creative Magazine. Her experience ranges from setting up a shop in the high street to mentoring and lecturing at Colleges in the United Kingdom. Danielle is also a trained yoga teacher which has helped her take a more holistic approach to business; she believes that authenticity can help a business thrive.

"I have always been creative,

linking practical, theological and philosophical ideas. To be innovative in business and to generate strategies that make a impact for success."

Danielle is English and Italian, she grew-up in the United Kingdom where she lived and worked before travelling the world. She was born on the road, as her parents travelled together in a VW Camper Van in the 1970s, exploring the world. Which explains why she values freedom and liberation, amongst integrity and humanity. Now Danielle seeks to integrate these values into her work, helping others to find their mission, a career that lights up their soul.




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Louisa - Brighton Lace

“Danielle quickly understood the voice of our brand and wrote lovely, engaging content that helped to bring new life to our social media, particularly Instagram. With a strong aesthetic sense and background in fashion & marketing I really appreciated her advice on our imagery too.”


Gabriel - Reclaimed Glory

Danielle is not only an amazing tutor but also a great mentor. She pushes you all the time to achieve the best results, in a very creative way, never forgetting the business side. She is kind and smart and gave me strong and important advices when I lauched Reclaimed Glory Studios, my ethical jewellery brand. Her ethical and sustainable credentials make all the difference. Highly recommend.


Marta - Floating Feather

Danielle is very knowledgeable entrepreneur. During our consult, she took time to understand my needs and helped me apply the right insight to my website, for a better and more professional look. She also gave me tips on how to make my brand more appealing and drive more traffic to my platform. I couldn't recommend her enough!"

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