Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness Women's Retreat in Portugal, Algarve

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Join our Wild Blooming women’s retreat June 2022, to bloom from within and reconnect to your creativity, sensuality & wisdom within. Retreat for a week in beautiful Algarve to embark on a journey of self love, sisterhood and awakening your wild woman within. Moving, meditating, with mindful workshops and activities.  Eating wholesome meals, laughing, and dancing under the moon with like minded women from all around the world. No matter your age, size, background or yoga level – every woman is welcome & loved for who they are.

In association with Active Therapy Clothing


Womb-mens Workshop

Creative Workshop

Sound Healing

Moon Ceremony

Opening Ceremony


Four Elements Meditation

Five Senses Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Breathwork Meditation

Feminine Meditation


Daily Yoga Classes

Forest Bath

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Ecstatic Dance


Workshop Example

Womb-man Workshop- 

We explore the sacred feminine, through each phase of your menstrual cycle and discover and embrace each energy. Surf the wave of your hormones and establish a deep self respect that will allow you to incarnate each phase connected to your higher self. 

- Andrea


Meditation Example

"A healthy body begins with a healthy mind, and a healthy mind begins with mindfulness"

Five Senses meditation -Join us for a guided five sense meditation that brings us back to the present moment, reduces stress and calms your mind.

Mindfulness is a powerful key to unlock many new doors. The '5 senses mediation' is part of the journey. 


We are - Danielle and Andrea qualified yoga teachers and been running retreats for several years, world wide. We will guide you on the workshops, daily yoga and meditation classes.

Find out more about each hosts below

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The accommodation is set in beautiful Algarve Portugal (near Lagos), on the coast with a sea view.

It has a swimming pool for you to enjoy in your spare time and each room in equipped with it's own bathroom.

This is a tranquil place where you will not only feel comfortable but also relax in the the sunshine.

Walking distance to the beach!

Healthy Salad


Healthy vegan food is freshly prepared each day for you to enjoy.

Food is so much more than just energy, calories or fuel for our bodies. While it sure does provide physical nourishment, food is also about joy, connection and making memories. 

Let's nourish our bodies with delicious food.

Breakfast and lunch are included in the package.



Bloom wildly with us this summer

June 10th-15th 2022

Price per guest with private room £888 GBP for five nights stay, all-inclusive

15% Deposit required to save your space and the remainder on arrival